the mba chronicles of a muni nerd

(my unrelenting pursuit of admission into an mba program-class of 2008)

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

guess who's back....

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it has indeed been quite sometime since i've posted an entry. i wish i could say i've done a lot of progressing towards my 'mba goals' but i really haven't. i did study and finally sit for the gmat but i am nowhere close to where i should be for the schools i want to apply to. that said, i'm currently studying (again) for the gmat with it scheduled for december.

my mood this second go round of studying is more wanting to take it rather than being fearful of doing shitty on the test. i do think one's approach and attitude to this test are key determinants to one's subsequent success (or lack thereof)...whatever their 'desired' score is.

that said, there are a host of factors that might make my candidacy to business school questionable for '06 entry. for personal reasons that i will not mention, i might be pushing off my applications till '07 entry, but if anything i will do one application during this season for the school is about 7 subway stops away from where i live now.

ok now down that we're caught up....i plan to do a nightly entry regarding my studying goes the first entry (actually this is about my second week of studying):

tonight i will be:
-finishing up kaplan gmat 2005 (the book has been fine so far)

i've been focusing on quant for the last two weeks and i plan to begin verbal next week (after i take a practice exam this weekend).

ok that's all for now. i've got to study and fit in four hours of sleep.


Saturday, April 02, 2005

ok. not enough time.

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apologies for the my lack of entries but projects and work combined with sheer laziness on my part drove my inabilities to keep up with my chronicles. with that said, you may now consider me an official candidate for the class of 2008. despite my visits and thoughts that late round applications (to cbs and lbs) were feasible, time constraints, shit gmat scores, and pressures at work took me out of the race.

not to mention the constant debate in my mind if an mba is worth the time/money/risk. can i apply to jobs for my post-mba career now (with the experience i have)? can i get to my post-mba career with a PT mba? can i get to my post-mba career with a specialized masters? do i really want to do this shit (finance industry) for the rest of my life? how will i pay for school? etc. all these questions were on my mind. it was non-sense. i came to the realization that yes, i need an mba and that getting one is much more than transitioning to a career. it's the education, the network, the feeling of being back in school, etc. choppy reasons, probably, but it's what i'm

my goals from now until august (columbia begins to accept EA apps) are: take gmat course and gmat/visit more schools/notify my bosses of my intentions and request recommendations/work on essays/resist the temptation of applying to jobs/and trying not to get fired.

i think if i can successfully accomplish the above. i'll have somewhat progressed towards my mba goals. obviously there's that whole application process so i have to stay focused on what i want to accomplish the next four months. but it's relatively difficult though with some of my friends receiving notification of their admissions to programs (wharton/darden/austin). i kept thinking to myself, 'that should've been me this year'. i'm past it now and i'm ready to prep for this fall's application process.

so far the schools i'm interested in applying to this fall: columbia (ea), lbs, stern, and wharton.

all finance yes, but also all with strong international business curriculums, opportunities, and student bodies.

i'll be writing more frequently and it might always be about mba shit. so you'll have to excuse the zig-zag focus of this blog but let's hope we all get to where we want to be.


Sunday, February 27, 2005

enough time?

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workingon: CBS app

so as i'm trying to crank out these essays (and battle a cold, i might add)...the constant undertone i've been carrying in my head is whether or not i have enough time to finish the entire CBS app. i'm probably just tense right now, but i'm sure every applicant goes thru this mess. i'm ok with it though. after having spent considerable amounts of time thinking about an mba and the rigorous effort that i will continue to put forth, you realize that you can do so much.

ok now i'm definitely going crazy. i'm gonna walk by the real world house and throw some eggs. that's always a good
stress reliever.

Friday, February 25, 2005

to apply or not to apply

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ok it's been a few moments since i last blogged. sorry it's hard to keep up with writing, ok that's a bs excuse. since the last entry, i have:

-have done squat for the gmat -- ok i've done problems but it's been so inconsistent
-visited columbia business school -- absolutely loved my experience
-questioning whether or not i should apply in the late round for september entry -- R3s and rolling admissions
-continued the debate on where i want to apply -- as of now: columbia, wharton, chicago, nyu, and georgetown
-honing and crafting my reasons for why an mba and why an mba now -- which brings me to the notion....

why not 'right' now? i've been running this question in my brain for the last week, since my visit. i also posed this question to various students i met at CBS' happy hour. as one of the few 'prospectives' at the happy hour, i was very appreciative and impressed with all the advice the first and second years offered to me. some said do it, just apply while some said wait it out (and do ED later) while some said apply then do ED if you don't get in (apparently CBS favors reapps..don't ask me for statistics but i met a few people who were reapps and apparently for CBS it's a sign of your dedication and desire to be in morningside heights).

ok i guess it's pretty obvious that i want to apply to CBS, actually as i continue write and gather my thoughts for this entry...i've decided. i'm going to apply to CBS. quick reflex? nah, i actually decided when i returned to philly on Sunday...i just thought i could sort of build up the suspense for this entry (pathetic, right).

well ok that build up sucked. well since sunday it was quite a turnaround in focus. the momentum has shifted from focusing on the gmat to focusing on my essays (oh and gathering all the other stuff). it is going to be a tight, maybe even rough two months (however i will try to beat the april 20 deadline by a couple weeks). here is the current tally....

-two recommenders picked, in addition to a peer recommendation (a 2Y)
-i have selected the persons who will critique my essays
-the skeleton and ideology for essay one is done (this weekend...essay one will be complete)
-reached out to a colleague who is a CBS grad and alumni interviewer (don't know how receptive he/she will be to my questions)

it is pretty imperative that i be as productive as possible this weekend. so much so that i am about to cancel my trip to new york for tomorrow's world mba tour information session at the grand hyatt.

maybe i'm going nuts. maybe i'm rushing it. maybe i'm siding with emotions rather than sensibility.

we shall see. time for dinner, essay one, and gmat. ah the live of a nerd (and masochist).

Thursday, January 20, 2005

let the games begin....

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allow myself to introduce...myself. my name is muninerd and i am mba hopeful for the fall of 2006. given that this is my first forray into the mba admissions process, i thought i'd blog/chronicle my trials and tribulations for the whole world to see (especially fellow applicants - past/present/future).

a little about me...i am 25 years old...i currently reside in philadelphia...i am a muninerd for a large investment management firm and i am going to be applying to mba programs in the u.s. and abroad this fall for 2006 entry. some might think it's a bit early for mba prepping but given my nature of performing horribly on standardized tests (read: sat) isn't that early, considering i might have to retake it...also, in addition to mba/gmat prep this spring, i will be studying and taking the first level of the chartered financial analyst program (cfa). it's indeed going to be a busy next few months.

down to business...why do i want to pursue an mba...ok the abbreviated version (in dash form)
-want to further develop my strategic and managerial skills, reinforce and expand my quantitative skills, and develop and build my international network (hey, everyone's a potential investor)
-want to go from research role to a portfolio manager role or an advisory role (not sure if i want to stay in IM or switch to IB)
-take my career from one that is domestically-focused to one that is truly global

obviously, there are more details and intricacies association with my 'why mba' reasons--which i will go into further detail in my chronicles

stage 1 in my ascent up the mba mountain: the GMAT (respect, ali g style)

that's about it for now (i should get back to work). i will try to blog more tonight or as they say in west philly, tonizzle.